WebReactions is a fast and intuitive reaction search interface on top of InfoChem's ChemReact database containing roughly 400.000 reactions from the literature. Unlike traditional reaction database systems that perform reaction sub-structure searches, WebReactions classifies a query reaction and retrieves those database reactions that are most similar concerning the transformation, i.e. the connectivity change from reactants to products. The query reaction and with it the initial result set can be modified through manually matching particular atom features.

When defining and running a query, please read always the green message at the bottom of the applet. It will guide you through the search process.

For searching the database efficiently we recommend reading the WebReactions introduction and tutorial before starting any search.

Originally this page contained a Java applet letting you draw a query reaction, fine-tune search conditions, and browse matching reactions directly from within the web browser. Because of the dwindling support of web browsers for Java applets, we now offer a small Java app with the same functionality. This app can be downloaded as a single file, does not require any installation and can be launched by a double click, provided you have a Java Runtime environment installed. To download the Webreactions app just press the Download button below.

WebReactions App showing search result after querying for 'oxy-cope' rearrangement