DataWarrior User Manual

DataWarrior Menu Shortcuts

Menu Menu Item Description Shortcut
File New... Create a new empty DataWarrior file Ctrl-N
File New From
->Selected Rows
Duplicate file with selected rows only Ctrl-Shift-N
File Open... Open DataWarrior-, text-, or SD-file Ctrl-O
File Close Close front window Ctrl-W
File Close All Close all open windows Ctrl-Shift-W
File Save Save content of front window Ctrl-S
File Save As... Save content of front window in new file Ctrl-Shift-S
File Quit Close application and exit Ctrl-Q
Edit Copy Copy selection of active view Ctrl-C
Edit Copy View Copy image of active view using recent settings Ctrl-Shift-C
Edit Paste Create new window from clipboard data Ctrl-V
Edit Select All Select all visible rows Ctrl-A
Edit Find And Replace... Find and replace text or substructures in column data Ctrl-H
Help Help Show user manual in help window F1
(none) Cycle view selection through all visible views F3
(none) Add selected row(s) to default list Ctrl-1
(none) Remove selected row(s) from default list Ctrl-0
(none) Maximize the selected view F4
(none) Toggle expansion of main view area F9
(none) Open menu for curser navigation F10
(none) Toggle expansion of filter area F11
(none) Toggle expansion of detail view area F12
(none) Scroll page upwards in active view Page Up
(none) Scroll page downwards in active view Page Down
(none) Move active row in table view Ctrl-Up/Down
(none) Move selected cell in active view Arrow Keys
(none) Open cell editor in table view Enter
(none) Suspend filter animations Space
(none) Backward/Forward in filter animations Ctrl-Left/Right
(none) Fast Backward/Forward in filter animations Shift-Left/Right