DataWarrior Plugin-SDK for Database Access

From version 4.6.0 DataWarrior has a plugin interface built in, which allows to add custom developed database plugins to a DataWarrior installation. Plugins may be developed by any person knowing the Java programming language without any knowledge of the DataWarrior source code. If a plugin is added to the DataWarrior installation, then DataWarrior will have a new menu item that, if invoked, causes to retrieve data from some database or other data source and to show that data in a new DataWarrior window. Plugins may or may not show a dialog to let a user specify database specific query conditions. Such a dialog may include a structure editor to define sub-structure or similarity searches. When chemical structures are returned from the database along with alphanumerical data then they are automatically converted into DataWarrior structures, provided they are in SMILES, MDL-molfile, or idcode (compact canonical OpenChemLib representation) format.

Developing DataWarrior plugins is easy. It requires basic Java development skills, an installed JDK (Java development kit) and the DataWarrior Plugin-SDK, which can be downloaded here:

The SDK contains a readme.txt file explaining the plugin concept and the steps needed to successfully develop and build a plugin. It also contains example Java code, a build script and the Java interface files needed to communicate to the DataWarrior application.