DataWarrior Partners

Alipheron is a Swiss Software as a Service company dedicated to simplifying data access and analytics in drug discovery. It specializes in cheminformatics and provides a professional integration of DataWarrior into customer's software and database environments.

CDD Vault by Collaborative Drug Discovery is a research informatics platform that enables scientists to intuitively organize and analyze both biological data and chemical structures, and to collaborate with partners through a secure web interface. CDD maintains an open-source plugin for DataWarrior to access the CDD Vault platform.

Inte:Ligand supports scientists worldwide with innovative approaches for early drug discovery research using computer-aided design solutions. LigandScout, its molecular design software suite supports DataWarrior's native file format and may import all conformers from DataWarrior files if they contain single or multiple conformers per row.

The Crystallography Open Database is the largest open-access collection of crystal structures of organic, inorganic, metal-organics compounds and minerals, excluding biopolymers. DataWarrior's conformer generator uses knowledge derived from the COD.

Enamine is one of the largest suppliers of chemical building blocks and screening compounds. DataWarrior allows to search Enamine's building block catalog by substructure, compound similarity, price, available amount, and other criteria.

Incorporated in October 2016, Iktos is a start-up company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence solutions applied to medicinal chemistry and new drug design. Iktos offers its de novo design technology both as professional services and as a SaaS software platform, Makya™. Iktos is also developing Spaya™, a synthesis planning software based upon Iktos’s proprietary AI technology for retrosynthesis.

Mcule primarily provides services for drug discovery, including compound sourcing, based on a high-quality compound database with more than 100 suppliers, advanced compound selection workflow, automated price optimization, professional delivery and reformatting services for the orders. DataWarrior users can perform various searches in the Mcule building block database and create combinatorial libraries based on them.