Download DataWarrior V6.1.0

DataWarrior was developed in the Java programming language and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to work. All installers on this side include the Liberica OpenJRE 21.0.2 from BellSoft. Thus, there is no need to install any Java software yourself.

Important: For updating an older version of DataWarrior: First, if you have added files to the 'datawarrior' installation folder (macros, data files, plugins, etc), then move them to a save place. Then uninstall the old DataWarrior version (Linux: run; Macintosh: drag DataWarrior from the Application folder into the trash bin; Windows: in the Control Panel search 'software', find 'uninstall', uninstall 'DataWarrior', and make sure that 'C:\Program Files\DataWarrior' is removed). Then, download the new installer for your operating system and install DataWarrior as described below. Finally, move any rescued macros, data files, and plugins back into their original directories inside the datawarrior folder.

The Linux Installer
is a .tar.gz archive with all needed files and a shell script to install files and register file types. It has been tested on multiple 64-bit distributions with Gnome, KDE and other desktops.
The MacOS-X Installer
is a .dmg image file.
The installation and file type registration is done by dragging the folder into your Application folder. DataWarrior is a universal binary for Intel and Apple silicon.
The Windows Installer
is an .msi file using the Windows standard installation mechanism. Therefore, a complete de-installation can be done any time later from the Windows Control Panel.

The newest source code is available on GitHub under the GNU V3 public license.

The md5sums of the three installer packages:
datawarrior610.tar.gz: 8141e32024a61ca144e238f3d00ca2d6
datawarrior610.dmg: a783b3b4b41aed8b966cee4429869207
datawarrior610.msi: acb59ccdc1ba9ff98344869ad1287802