Download DataWarrior V5.5.0

DataWarrior was developed in the Java programming language and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to work. All installers on this side include the Liberica OpenJRE 8_282 from BellSoft. Thus, there is no need to install any Java software yourself.

The Linux Installer
is a .tar.gz archive with all needed files and a shell script to install files and register file types. It has been tested on multiple 64-bit distributions with Gnome, KDE and other desktops.
The MacOS-X Installer
is a .dmg image file.
The installation and file type registration is done by merely dragging the folder into your Application folder. DataWarrior is optimized for Retina displays.
The Windows Installer
is an .msi file using the Windows standard installation mechanism. Therefore, a complete de-installation can be done any time later from the Windows Control Panel.

The newest source code is available on GitHub under the GNU V3 public license.

The md5sums of the three installer packages:
datawarrior550.tar_gz: 1feb7bff2ad7129ac677973186436ee8
datawarrior550.dmg: 6b833bdd9db2b46a94835a09fd65833b
datawarrior550.msi: 845d47413fe683242dd43889165ee998