Welcome to this website, which was created as a platform to publish cheminformatics tools in the hope to contribute something useful for synthetic and medicinal chemists. The name-to-structure service should run in any browser, some tools are Java applets and, therefore, need an installed Java Runtime Environment to work in a browser. And DataWarrior can be downloaded and installed on your computer.

DataWarrior is an open-source data visualization and analysis program with embedded chemical intelligence. It runs on all major operating systems. Installers and the source code can be downloaded from this site.

Osiris Property Explorer originally was released in 2000 by Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. on the www.actelion.com website. Today, it is a web based de-facto standard for physico-chemical property prediction and toxicity risk indication. It is referenced by hundreds of papers in the field of medicinal chemistry.

Torsion Explorer is an easy to use tool to learn about molecule conformations. For every rotatable bond of a given molecule it dynamically shows a torsion (i.e. dihedral) angle statistics of similar bond environments compiled from the Cambridge Structural Database. Torsion Explorer was released in 2012.

WebReactions went life in 1999 as the world fastest reaction database on www.webreactions.net. Since then it is freely available as an almost uninterrupted internet service. Now it belongs to openmolecule.org.